Wine Ceremony

wine caraf and box Wine CeremonyThe Wine Ceremony is a unique and contemporary ceremony with an old world feel. Like the Sand ceremony, Breaking of the Glass, Rose and Unity Candle ceremonies, the Wine ceremony symbolizes the blending of your two lives into one.

couple wine Wine CeremonyIn this ceremony the wine represent your two lives as they are blended together. Many couples enjoy the unique nature of the Wine ceremony… especially the wine!


The blending of the red and white wine creates a light pink Rose Wine which is a symbol of the Rose of Love.  Before the wedding, the red and white wine are poured into a small carafe desperately then are placed next to a larger carafe with one wineglass on a small table near the couple. The “Marriage Carafe” is  a bit larger than the two outside “individual” carafes. The wine glasses and carafe should be kept in a place of honor and can then be used every anniversary to celebrate another year of marriage.

Bridalengraveable sm 139x300 Wine Ceremony

The Wine ceremony usually takes place after the ring exchange. Music during the wine ceremony can add a nice touch, but is always optional. This is a carafe that is traditionally used in the Christian Germany Ceremony. The small end is for the bride of course and it shows how well the couple work together. Unique touch to be sure!


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